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OUR NAME HAS CHANGED and we are now called Charles Kendall Inc.  EWC Global Logistics became part of the Charles Kendall Group in January 2016 so welcome to our new website!  Pat, Val, Thereze and the whole US team invite you to explore our extended range of international offices and services.

We can now offer Full Import and Export services all as part of Charles Kendall's global offering. In the 3 colored boxes below you can read more about our specialized US expertise.

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We now have offices around the world as well as our offices in New York and New Jersey. All to bring you the very best in consistent and reliable service.

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Licences & Accreditations

We are licenced and experienced to ensure our clients avoid the common problems associated with Customhouse clearance such as: storage and demurrage issues, inability of the broker to properly classify the goods for Customs purposes thus, delaying the Customs entry process, and inability to distribute goods until FDA problems are resolved.

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